Our trades and functions

Several professions and functions coexist at pi, discover our main functions:


Our consultants support our partners in their innovation, R&D and operational performance projects


  • Intervening in multiple projects and environments
  • Embodying pi’s innovation capacities alongside our partners
  • Rising to cutting-edge challenges in the pi’s areas of expertise

Business manager

Our Business Managers are the pillars of the pi growth and development


  • Developing the pi’s commercial activities 
  • Recruiting highly effective, specialist teams of consultant engineers
  • Managing teams of consultant engineers throughout their carreers

Talent acquisition

Our Talent Acquisitions continuously identify future profiles to consolidate our expertise and meet the need of our partners


  • Identify and recruit the best talent
  • Ensuring an applicant experience worthy of the pi company
  • Embodying pi’s employer promise
  • Play a key role in the development of the company

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