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Project Engineer Cleanroom Automation

We are currently looking to expand our team with an experienced PE Cleanroom Automation.

Your ability to work independently and your strong communication skills make sure you meet every deadline with a focus on total client satisfaction.

As a cleanroom automation project engineer, you are responsible for specifying, installing and validating the building information system (BIS) in controlled areas. In short: We are looking for a PE with knowledge of electrical diagrams, who is communicative very strong because most of the job consists of communicating between different parties to have the BIS installed, calibrated and verified everywhere in a timely manner. He/she also has to manage many different projects at the same time, so necessary organizational skills are a must.


  • Drafting all the necessary documentation: measurement statements, necessary specifications per cleanroom, validation documents,…
  • Adjust/check electrical schemes
  • Communicate with many different parties: Internal departments, contractors, programmers, suppliers,…Follow up work; technical follow-up as well as administrative follow-up i.e. invoicing, planning,


  • Master Electromechanical Engineering or equivalent
  • Hands-on, very strong communicator
  • Knowledge of electrical schemes (studies electromechanics or knowledge through experience)
  • Organization skills

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