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pi joins Abylsen Group & unveiling a new identity

For 18 years, pi Life Sciences has been a global integrator of excellence for the world’s leading life sciences companies.

pi Life Sciences joined the Abylsen Group in 2018 to mutually strengthen our business expertise and thus have a synergy between the two entities.

pi offers unique expertise with the highest quality strategic advice, Abylsen brings a new business vision and a different approach to grow together, to evolve towards new frontiers.

Every day, we explore new areas of innovation for sustainable growth, and the life sciences sector is one of them.

With the creation of this new joint business unit, we have decided to explore together the new opportunities in life sciences and to move into a higher gear.

The creation of this new commercial unit is reflected in a new graphic identity, entirely redesigned to match the ambitions of the Abylsen Group.  For the occasion, a brand-new logo and a unique website have been unveiled to take pi and life sciences to the next level.


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